Meet our 2021 Incoming Residents!

We are pleased to share that all three of our residency program spots were filled by UBC medical school graduates on CaRMS match day on April 20th. Two sponsored residents who were selected last fall will also be starting their residency training with us. Each of our new trainees brings outstanding accomplishments and a deep commitment to their residency education.

Join us in welcoming our new trainees to our residency program in July 2021.

Alice Wang

“I am extremely grateful to have matched to UBC Orthopaedics and to be starting my residency training in this beautiful province I call home! I’m excited for the privilege to train in a specialty that serves to improve the quality of life of individuals by restoring function and mobility, something I’m personally very passionate about. I look forward to working with an amazing group of residents and staff in a program that not only provides renowned clinical and surgical training but also supports a collegial and inclusive training environment.”

Yasir AlShehri

“I am thrilled to be joining the UBC Orthopaedic Residency Program! With the program’s vast breadth of exposure in the different sub-specialties of orthopaedic surgery and strong research support, I believe UBC Orthopaedics has the ability to shape me into the best orthopaedic surgeon I can be. I am also looking forward to moving to the beautiful city of Vancouver!”

Gabby Levesque

“I am so incredibly excited and honoured to be joining the Orthopaedics team in Vancouver! Having completed my electives at various hospitals across the province, I was privileged to meet many of the UBC Orthopaedic staff and residents. I was inspired by the widespread work ethic, collegiality, dedication to teaching, and emphasis on work-life balance during each elective. I could not imagine a better group of people to learn from and I look forward to serving the population of B.C. in their various Orthopaedic needs.”

Arsh Sidhu

It is a privilege to join the UBC Orthopedics program. I am excited to train in a program globally recognized for Orthopaedic research, training, and practice, and learn alongside a dedicated resident group from world renowned surgeons. Being born and raised in B.C., I am looking forward to giving back to my community for the next 5 years and beyond.”

Dana Alahmadi

“I am extremely honoured and grateful to be pursuing my residency at UBC. I have faith that the program will play an integral role in my path to becoming a well-rounded surgeon in large part due to the inspiring and supportive staff and co-residents I will have the privilege of working alongside, as well as the program’s commitment to providing an immersive and structured educational experience. Of course, living in a city like Vancouver–a multicultural metropolis juxtaposed with gorgeous natural beauty–will undoubtedly engender a significant amount of growth in both my personal and professional life.”

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