Division of Lower Limb Reconstruction & Oncology


Donald Garbuz

The Division of Lower Limb Reconstruction and Oncology involves reconstruction of the hip and knee as well as treatment of benign and malignant soft tissue and bone tumors.

With the aging population, disorders affecting joints, in particular arthritis, are becoming more prevalent. For this reason, there is an increased demand for surgeons who specialize in reconstruction of arthritic joints. Faculty members within the Division are providers of services that have such a profound impact on quality of life improvement, particularly hip and knee replacements. In addition, the Division is comprised of members who sub-specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant soft tissue and bone tumours. Today, with the expertise of Orthopaedic Surgeons and multidisciplinary support, highly specialized complex limb reconstruction surgery is often possible, which has revolutionized the care of musculoskeletal cancer patients.

The Division of Lower Limb Reconstruction and Oncology is committed to the ongoing development of high-quality research. The division promotes ongoing active participation of trainees to develop and guide their academic research goals and skills which leads to frequent publications. The high volume of complex and primary arthroplasty allows for a broad range of possible outcomes research. The Division has published several landmark studies, including large clinical trials, which have gone on to acclaim international awards and prestige in the field of reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery. We encourage participation in national and international conferences to promote research networking and collaboration.

Research Areas

  • Adverse local tissue reactions to prosthetic implants
  • Outcomes of research in arthroplasty
  • Periprosthetic infections

Division Members

Last NameFirst NameFaculty RankPrimary DivisionRegionWork LocationBusiness Email
BhachuSandeepClinical InstructorReconstructionFraserRidge Meadows Hospital & Health Care Centre
ClarksonPaulClinical ProfessorReconstructionVancouverVancouver General Hospitalpclarkson@bccancer.bc.ca
DayChristopherClinical InstructorReconstructionFraserAbbotsford Region Hospitalchristopher.day@fraserhealth.ca
DuncanClive PProfessor EmeritusReconstructionVancouverDiamond Health Care Centre
GarbuzDonaldProfessor ReconstructionVancouverDiamond Health Care Centredonald.garbuz@vch.ca
GreidanusNelsonAssistant ProfessorReconstructionVancouverDiamond Health Care Centrenelson.greidanus@vch.ca
GrunauPeter DavidClinical InstructorReconstructionFraserBurnaby Hospital
HowardLisa ChristineAssistant ProfessorReconstructionVancouverVancouver General Hospitallisa.howard3@vch.ca
JandoVictorClinical InstructorReconstructionVancouverLions Gate Hospital
JohnsonChadClinical InstructorReconstructionVancouverRichmond Hospital
KendallRichard WClinical Assistant ProfessorReconstructionVancouverRichmond Hospital
KokanPeter AClinical InstructorReconstructionFraserBurnaby Hospital
KostamoTimothyClinical Associate ProfessorReconstructionFraserBurnaby Hospital
MasriBassam AProfessorReconstructionVancouverVancouver General Hospitalbas.masri@ubc.ca
RobertProfessor Emeritus
NadeauRichard PeterClinical InstructorReconstructionVancouverLions Gate Hospital
NeufeldMikeClinical InstructorReconstructionVancouverVancouver General Hospitalmichael.neufeld@vch.ca
NevinJenniferClinical InstructorReconstructionVancouverVancouver General Hospitaljennifer.nevin@bccancer.bc.ca
PanagiotopoulosKostasClinical Assistant ProfessorReconstructionVancouverLions Gate Hospital
PateGrahamClinical ProfessorReconstructionFraserBurnaby Hospitalgraham.pate@ubc.ca
SmitBernardus HendrikusClinical InstructorReconstructionFraserPeace Arch Hospital
SmithErasmus JacobusClinical InstructorReconstructionVancouver IslandNanaimo Regional General Hospital
StothersKeith AClinical Associate ProfessorReconstructionVancouverSt. Paul's Hospital
UmranTamimClinical Associate ProfessorReconstructionVancouverSt. Paul's Hospital