Grand Rounds Archive

11/02/2022Foot and Ankle Global Outreach Dr. Mark Myerson, Dr. Alastair Younger, Dr. Susan Ge, Dr. Lindsay AndersonView video
10/26/2022BCOA/UBC Grand RoundsBC Orthopaedic AssociationView video
10/19/2022System Upgrade: Cutting edge approaches to teaching in orthopaedic surgeryDr. Fay Leung & The Office of Faculty Development and Educational SupportView video
10/12/2022For the Patient's Good: Beneficence-in-trust as a guide to ethical conflict in surgical planning Dr. Stephen TredwellView video
9/28/2022UBC Orthopaedics Launches a new Strategic Plan, Mobility for all: 2022-2027Dr. Pierre Guy & Peter WilkenView video
9/21/2022Cryoneurolysis for spasticity: Wallerian degeneration via a novel percutaneous ice ball at -88 degrees for longer-lasting treatment effectsPaul WinstonView video
9/14/2022The Socioeconomic Implications of Orthopaedic TraumaNathan N. O'HaraView video
6/29/2022Advocacy Update from the BCOADr. Lane DielwartView video
6/22/2022Residency Program Update – Spring 2021 Dr. Henry Broekhuyse
6/15/2022Update on the Management of Metastatic Bone Disease – Perspectives from TorontoDr. Jennifer NevinView video
06/01/2022Division of Pediatric Orthopedics Fellowship Report 2021-2022Dr. Ali Bakkai, Dr. Courtney Bull, Dr. Ali Eren, Dr. Mashael Muwanis, &
Dr. Judith Nassaazi
05/18/2022Planetary Health for Orthopaedic SurgeonsDr. Rashmi Chadha & Dr. Douglas CourtemancheView video
05/11/2022New techniques to manage complex pain syndromesDr. Rizzardo & Dr. Osborn
04/27/2022Pelvic Fractures: What Have I Learned? Front–back, back– front, or just leave it aloneDr. Rahul Vaidya (2022 Meek Visiting Professor)
04/20/2022Utility of Ultrasound in Carpal Tunnel SyndromeDr. Taro OkamotoView video
04/13/2022Technology in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: The Good, The Bad and The FutureDr. Gerard SheridanView video
04/06/2022Status of Orthopaedics in BC after 2 Pandemic yearsDr. Lane DielwartView video
03/30/2022Tibial Pilon Fractures: A few thingsDr. Sean Nork (2022 Harder Visiting Professor)View video
03/23/2022Multi-modal Habilitation: positive health outcomes for all orthopedic surgical patients Dr. Brenda LauView video
03/16/2022Shoulder Biomechanics & Arthroplasty Research in the Orthopaedic Technologies & Biomechanics Lab at UVicDr. Josh GilesView video
03/09/2022Primary ACL failure – Etiology and Revision Surgery PlanningDr. Michael Gilbart
03/02/2022Talus OLT arthroscopy, debridement, microfracture, and drilling techniquesDr. Andrea Veljkovic
02/23/2022Knee Dislocations, Options for Early ManagementDr. Trevor Stone & Dr. Jeffrey Potter
02/16/2022UBC Department of Orthopaedics Research SupportPart 1: Faculty of Medicine, Digital Solutions Research Support Services (Gurm Dhugga, Jayson To, Ashley McKerrow, & Anastasia Dropol);
Part 2: Dr. Bryn Zomar & Jeff Bone
View video
02/09/2022An Update on Periprosthetic Joint Infection in Total Hip & Knee Arthroplasty – Still a Substantial Problem in 2022Dr. Michael NeufeldView video
02/02/2022Centre for Hip Health and MobilityDr. Janice End & Dr. Teresa Liu-AmbroseView video
01/26/2022Rethinking Sisiphys: Health systems redesign and the new St. Paul’sDr. Jeffrey PikeView video
01/19/2022Planovalgus: My Preferred Joint Preservation TechniqueDr. Alastair Younger & Dr. Andrea VeljkovicView video
01/12/2022The Sisyphean Task of Striving for Excellence in our Health System
Dr. Marcel Dvorak View video
12/15/2021Podium Sports Medicine: Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesDr. Mike Wilkinson & Dr. Bob McCormack View video
12/08/2021A multidisciplinary approach to the optimization of osteoarthritis: an evidence-based review and current guidelinesDr. Marie WestbyView video
12/01/2021Adolescent–adult transitional cases: perspectives from the northDr. David NelsonView video
11/24/2021Top 10 Foot and Ankle Lessons: A Year of Fellowship in ReviewDr. Oliver GagneView video
11/17/2021Biomaterials and bioelectronics-based interventions: Necessary dialogues between engineers and clinicians Dr. Dena ShahriariView video
11/10/2021The Global Surgery Lab: The history of a diverse and inclusive group passionate about surgical careDr. Emilie JoosView video
11/03/2021Optimizing same-day discharge, accelerated recovery and improved outcomes in THA/TKADr Pascal-André VendittoliView video
10/27/201Transfusion Medicine Update for Orthopedic SurgeryDr. Jacqueline TrudeauView video
10/20/2021An Update on the National Joint (Hip/Knee) Registries: what's new and relevant for practice in 2021 and beyond?Dr. Gerard Sheridan & Dr. Nelson Greidanus
10/06/2021Transition to practice: my experience in a digital eraDr. Adrian Huang
09/29/2021NO FAT SHAME: A Practical and Scientific Approach to Treating ObesityDr. Ali ZentnerView video
09/15/2021Hip Arthroscopy in 2-21: Indications, Techniques, and OutcomesDr. Parth LodhiaView video
09/08/2021Advocating for Orthopaedics Patients: The Fast Track Care Experience Dr. Alastair Younger
06/02/2021Redefining "Community Orthopaedics" in 2021Dr. Cassandra Lane DielwartView video
05/05/2021Trauma Induced CoagulopathyDr. Sirat KhanView video
04/28/2021Update on Spondylolithesis: What Orthopaedic and Neurosurgeons Need to KnowDr. Charles FisherView video
04/14/20212021 Meek Visiting Professor Presentation: Ankle vs. Pilon Explained... Tips and Tricks to Avoid Losing Your Way Around the AnkleDr. Anna MillerView video
04/07/2021Current Concepts in Wrist ArthroplastyDr. Braden GammonView video
03/17/2021Rapid Triage and Diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I and II: halting long term disabilityDr. Paul WinstonView video
03/03/2021Victoria Enhanced Recovery Arthroplasty (VERA): Same-Day Joint Replacement SurgeryDr. Duncan JacksView video
02/24/2021Meniscus - Reset, Repair, Replace?Dr. Mark McConkey & Dr. Douglas KingwellView video
02/17/2021Hip Fracture Care & Data Science: Old Issues, New Analytics Dr. Pierre Guy & Dr. Boris SobolevView video
02/10/2021What we can learn from orthopaedic quality improvement initiatives in the NHS of relevance to practice in CanadaDr. John MachinView video
02/03/2021Varus Posteromedial Rotatory Instability: The Coronoid is KeyDr. Adrian HuangView video