Division of Orthopaedic Research

Thomas T. Oxland

Alexender Black4
Peter A. Cripton (Assoc.)
Karim Khan (Assoc.)
Helmut Michael Lemke (Assoc.)
Heather A. McKay

Stephen Robinovitch (Assoc.)
Bonnie Sawatzky
Gail Thornton (Assoc.)
Rizhi Wang (Assoc.)
K.P. Whittall (Assoc.)
David Wilson

Our Faculty is comprised of much sought after clinicians, teachers, and researchers who choose to contribute large blocks of their time to increase knowledge in the areas of clinical orthopaedics, musculoskeletal science as well as applied biomedical engineering.

This focus allows orthopaedics to be at the forefront of exciting new developments in the areas of minimally invasive joint replacement, improved bone healing, advanced techniques in spinal surgery, innovative arthroscopic techniques and improved biomaterials and implants.

With our increasing focus on scientific discovery and knowledge translation, we are proud of our affiliation with two major research centers: the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (iCORD) and the Center for Hip Health and Musculoskeletal Research.

These promise to play a major role in musculoskeletal research over the next decade.