Dr. David Wilson Receives UBC Faculty of Medicine Strategic Investment Funding

We are proud to share that UBC Orthopaedics Professor, Dr. David Wilson, is one of nine UBC faculty members receiving funding from the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Fall 2020 Strategic Investment Fund! His project, entitled Creating a New Shared Research Platform for Upright Open MR Imaging at UBC, will increase the amount, quality, and impact of UBC Faculty of Medicine research by providing the technical expertise required to develop new research areas and expand the user base for the unique Upright Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility.

“We’ve seen that by building a strong foundation of good practices and validation for our new upright open MR scanner, we set the stage for new applications and ideas that we had never dreamed of in orthopaedics” says Dr. Wilson. “The next step is to expand use outside of orthopaedics. The advances in new areas like urology and otolaryngology will circle around and, in turn, support even more new and innovative work in orthopaedics.”

Upright open MR will give researchers a new tool to study functional anatomy – such as joint mechanics. Dr. Wilson claims that these measurements are “an essential part of understanding when and how to treat joint injuries and deformities.” It is his hope that this project will lead to better outcomes for patients, and better joint health for communities and society at large.

About the Fall 2020 Strategic Investment Funding:

The UBC Faculty of Medicine’s strategic plan, Building the Future, identifies 21 strategic objectives organized into four pillars: Education, Research, Organization, and Partnership. To enable investment in advancing the objectives, the Faculty created a Strategic Investment Fund. – UBC Faculty of Medicine, Strategic Investment Fund

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