UBC Orthopaedics’ Dr. Dena Shahriari Honored with 2024 Innovation and Translational Research Award

Dr. Dena Shahriari

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Dena Shahriari, Assistant Professor at UBC Orthopaedics, is a recipient of Vancouver Coastal Health’s 2024 Innovation and Translational Research Award. Dr. Shahriari, the Principal Investigator of the BioAugmentative Interfaces laboratory, is recognized for her groundbreaking work at the intersection of materials science, electrical engineering, and medicine, aimed at improving the lives of patients with paralysis and organ dysfunction.

Dr. Dena Shahriari’s study focuses on developing a neural interface for amputated limbs, aiming to improve the functionality and sensory feedback of prosthetics. By enabling bi-directional communication between prosthetics and a user’s nerves, this technology has the potential to significantly enhance the utility and efficacy of both upper and lower limb prosthetics.

This award recognizes her groundbreaking contributions and the tangible impact of her research in transforming healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

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