Osteoarthritis, Part 1 from the BC Medical Journal (BCMJ) and Guest Editorial Co-Authored by Dr. Bassam Masri

In our step towards a world with pain-free mobility for all, we are thrilled to announce that the BC Medical Journal has released the issue “Osteoarthritis, Part 1” (Vol. 65, No. 4) earlier this month. This edition focusses on diagnosing and managing knee osteoarthritis in-office, exploring the role of opioids for patients awaiting total knee arthroplasty, and addressing the needs of patients requiring knee replacements.

The guest editorial on page 112 was co-authored by Dr. Bassam Masri, Professor in the Reconstruction & Oncology Division of the UBC Department of Orthopaedics, and co-authored by Dr. Maziar Badii, Rheumatologist with Vancouver Coastal Health. It outlines the impact of osteoarthritis on our aging population, as osteoarthritis is a common debilitating condition that significantly impacts the quality of life for millions of people. This degenerative joint disease commonly affects the older population and can cause joint pain and stiffness.

This specific issue highlights large joint osteoarthritis, with knee osteoarthritis demonstrated as the principal example. Knee osteoarthritis is a growing public health concern due to obesity rates and populations age increasing. In this subject, primary care physicians will play a pivotal role in caring for patients with osteoarthritis.

As guest editors of this two-part themed edition from the BC Medical Journal, Dr. Masri and Dr. Badii introduce a compilation of articles aimed at enhancing physicians’ comprehension and handling of knee osteoarthritis. These articles highlight a variety of aspects of the condition including its origins, covering its diagnosis, available treatments, and emerging therapeutic approaches and treatments. This is especially valuable as medical school training often lacks significant emphasis on musculoskeletal care.

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Bassam Masri!

Learn more: Guest editorial: Osteoarthritis, Part 1, BCMJ

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