Jackson Robinson Awarded 2023 UBC Orthopaedics Summer Student Research Grant!

We are proud to share that UBC Orthopaedics Summer Student, Jackson Robinson, has been awarded the 2023 UBC Orthopaedics Summer Student Research Grant!

“With this grant we hope to identify current devices and methods used to monitor weight bearing in lower extremity fracture patients. We plan to use these results to develop a preliminary study of current outcomes and new ways to improve recovery potential.

As a current medical student and former mechanical engineering student, this project is an opportunity to further my knowledge of biomedical applications in orthopaedics. Through this process I hope to explore how monitoring technologies can contribute to improved patient care in this field.”

– Jackson Robinson

“We are incredibly grateful to the Department of Orthopaedics for supporting Jackson’s summer student research project. Surprisingly, we don’t know how much weight patients actually put through their legs as they are recovering from lower extremity fractures, but we do know that the loading pattern influences how well and how quickly they heal. This grant will help Jackson identify new ways for us to monitor this important aspect of patient recovery.”

– Dr. David Stockton, UBC Orthopaedics Clinical Assistant Professor

About the Scholarship:

The UBC Orthopaedics Undergraduate Medical Education Summer Student Research Program (UGME SSRP) was developed to foster Orthopaedic research awareness and interest in our undergraduate and medical students. The program introduces up and coming surgeon scientists into the fascinating world of orthopaedics while helping our faculty members to build their research initiatives, provide mentorship opportunities, and encourage department engagement.

Each grant is valued at $2500, thanks to matched contributions from our dedicated faculty members. These funds are designed to support various aspects of student research, including stipends, research overhead, or travel/conference expenses reimbursement. To showcase the outstanding research achievements of our students, recipients will be required to present their original research at the annual Orthopaedic UGME Fall Research Forum.

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