Unbreakable wills: From injuries to climbing Mount Everest

The remarkable story of Julian Bannister’s journey from a serious skiing accident to conquering Mount Everest exemplifies the unwavering commitment and resilience fostered through the exceptional care provided by the Department of Orthopaedics at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). UBC Orthopaedics Professor, Dr. Pierre Guy’s surgical expertise and the comprehensive recovery plans tailored for both Julian and his daughter Lexy underscore the department’s dedication to orthopaedic excellence. The successful outcomes of their recoveries, against the backdrop of such challenging injuries, highlight the crucial role played by VGH in enabling extraordinary achievements. The story not only celebrates the triumph of Julian’s ascent to the summit but also acknowledges the integral support of VGH and our Orthopaedic faculty members and clinicians in making this extraordinary feat possible!

Read the full story from the VGH + UBC Hospital Foundation: Unbreakable wills: from injuries to climbing Mount Everest

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