UBC Orthopaedics Welcomes Dr. Jeff Potter as Director of Global Orthopaedics

In today’s interconnected world, the field of orthopaedics is no longer confined by geographical boundaries. At UBC Orthopaedics, we’re proud to announce a pivotal step towards global collaboration and impact with the appointment of Dr. Jeff Potter as our Director of Global Orthopaedics.

Dr. Jeff Potter is a seasoned advocate for international orthopaedic care with a passion for making a difference beyond borders. Drawing from a childhood spent immersed in diverse cultures and experiences, Dr. Potter’s journey towards global health leadership was a natural evolution.

His trajectory into global orthopaedics was catalyzed during his tenure as a resident at the University of British Columbia, where he became deeply involved in the Uganda Sustainable Trauma Orthopaedic Program (USTOP). Through USTOP, Dr. Potter not only provided foundational education in orthopaedic trauma care, but also delved into research aimed at understanding the nuanced impact of trauma on livelihoods in Uganda. His dedication, coupled with hands-on experience in teaching and research, laid the groundwork for his future role as a leader in global orthopaedic initiatives.

Reflecting on his experiences, Dr. Potter emphasizes the importance of sustainability and community engagement in global health projects. He envisions a future where local expertise is empowered to drive lasting change, a vision that aligns seamlessly with the Department of Orthopaedics’ commitment to equitable healthcare on a global scale.

As the newly appointed Director of Global Orthopaedics, Dr. Potter will play a pivotal role in shaping the department’s international footprint. Tasked with overseeing global strategies, fostering collaborations, and championing faculty engagement in global initiatives, he embodies the department’s ethos of “mobility for all.” With a strong foundation in community-driven approaches and a keen understanding of the evolving needs in global healthcare, Dr. Potter is poised to lead UBC Orthopaedics towards new frontiers of excellence.

Dr. Potter’s appointment not only signifies a strategic milestone for the Department of Orthopaedics but also underscores UBC’s commitment to fostering inclusive, diverse, and equitable healthcare practices. As we embark on this journey towards global orthopaedic leadership, we invite all stakeholders to join us in realizing our shared vision of pain-free mobility for all, locally and globally.

Dr. Jeffrey Potter, Clinical Assistant Professor & Director, UBC GO

“I am thankful to be able to accept the role of Director for UBC Global Orthopaedics. I first had the opportunity to be involved in global orthopaedics with Drs. Peter O’Brien and Piotr Blachut as a resident member of the Uganda Sustainable Orthopaedic Trauma team. The USTOP program champions education, equitable access to orthopaedic care, and sustainability as guiding principles. I hope to bring the same philosophy to this role and build on the outstanding programs that already exist within UBC Orthopaedics.”

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