St. Paul’s Hospital

Research for the Division of Lower Limb Reconstruction & Oncology – The BC Foot and Ankle Clinic, St. Paul’s Hospital

The primary research objective of the BC Foot and Ankle Clinic is to better understand the results of the various surgical techniques used to treat a variety of foot and ankle ailments. The information gathered through ongoing research projects will ultimately help in the surgical planning process.

Investigators: Dr. Alastair Younger, Dr. Kevin Wing and Dr. Murray Penner

COFAS Ankle Arthritis Surgical Outcome Study:

The BC Foot and Ankle Research Office is currently gathering long-term follow-up data to compare the surgical outcomes of ankle arthrodesis (fusion) and total ankle arthroplasty (replacement).

Other research initiatives:

  • The Role of Antibiotic Pellets in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Infections
  • A Comparison of Surgical Techniques in High Arch Foot Reconstruction
  • Randomized Prospective Study on the Use of a Doppler Tourniquet Technique
  • Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

For more information, contact the BC Foot and Ankle Clinical Research Coordinator, Colin Meakin: (604) 806-8743,, or visit the BC Foot and Ankle Society website: