Meet our 2021 Incoming Clinical Fellows!

We are thrilled to welcome 24 clinical fellows to UBC Department of Orthopaedics from across the globe in 2021. Each of our new fellows brings outstanding accomplishments and a deep commitment to the highest standards of clinical care.

Clinical fellowships in the Department of Orthopaedics at UBC provide opportunities for trainees to expand their knowledge of a particular subspecialty through teaching, research, and clinical experience.

Please join us in welcoming our new clinical fellows in the divisions of Arthroscopy, Distal Extremities, Pediatrics, Reconstruction, Spine, and Trauma.


Guillaume Gagnon

Arthroscopy Fellow, UBC Hospital

Hometown: Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

“I am excited and honoured to be joining the UBC Sports Fellowship program in Vancouver. I look forward to serving the population of B.C. in their various Orthopaedic needs, especially in reconstruction and arthroplasty of the shoulder, hip and knee. Also, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to spend a year living in the beautiful city of Vancouver.”

Distal Extremities

Antoine Acker

Foot and Ankle Fellow, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hometown: Lausanne, Switzerland

“I am looking forward to accomplishing the final part of my training in foot and ankle orthopedics through a fellowship in Vancouver. The surgical qualities and the scientific reputation of the team convinced me to come here. I am looking forward to an exciting year and to discovering Vancouver and British Columbia”

Sebastián Drago

Foot and Ankle Fellow, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

“I´m so grateful to be part of this program. The group of staff that lead the foot and ankle fellow at UBC are renowned surgeons that have contributed to the world´s knowledge on this discipline with high-impact research. Moreover, I´ve had the pleasure to meet them, finding friendly persons who lead the life in nice and interesting ways. I´m sure that this program will signify a period of tremendous personal and professional growth, when I will meet friends for life, sharing our passion for foot and ankle surgery and helping the patients.”

Suan Khor

Hand and Upper Extremity Fellow, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

“I’m really excited to join the Upper Extremity Team at St Paul’s Hospital as a Fellow. I have heard fantastic things about Drs. Goetz, Huang and Pike. The reputation of the department as being a friendly and supportive educational center is the reason I chose this particular fellowship. I’m also eager to discover the wonders of Vancouver!”

Paula McQuail

Foot and Ankle Fellow, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hometown: Republic of Ireland




Taro Okamoto

Hand and Upper Extremity Fellow, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hometown: Perth, Australia

“G’day. I am very excited to be undertaking the Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship Program with such a prestigious university, and I am looking forward to calling this beautiful city home for the next 12 months. I am looking forward to the knowledge and skills I will gain during my time in Vancouver that I can take back to Australia whilst making lifelong connections. Working in other countries adds a breadth to a doctor’s knowledge and allows us to learn from the training and experience of different healthcare systems and practices. UBC and its orthopaedic fellowship programs have an excellent reputation in Australia, and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Anna Stock

Foot and Ankle Fellow, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hometown: Germany





Courtney Bull

Pediatric Fellow, BC Children’s Hospital

Hometown: Atlantic Canada

“I am extremely excited to be joining the Pediatric Orthopaedic Fellowship Program at BC Children’s Hospital! I am from Atlantic Canada and recently completed my residency at Memorial University. I am looking forward to a new coast and a new adventure here in Vancouver! I admire the characteristics that this program embodies—collegiality, compassion, and dedication to surgical education and research. I look forward to becoming part of the team and finding lifelong friends and mentors along the way.”

Ali Eren

Pediatric Spine Fellow, BC Children’s Hospital

Hometown: Trabzon, Turkey

“I am extremely grateful and excited to join the UBC Orthopaedics Fellowship Program. It is a privilege to be a part of such a world-renowned paediatric spine team. I believe I will gain excellent surgical skills and knowledge in patient care together with doing outstanding research. The UBC Fellowship Program also allows for good work-life balance, which will let my family and me explore beautiful British Columbia. I look forward to working with globally-recognized, dedicated staff alongside residents and co-fellows.”

Dr. Otis Shirley

Otis Shirley

Pediatric Spine Fellow, BC Children’s Hospital

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

“I am excited to spend a year as a spine fellow at BC Children’s Hospital. I have moved from New Zealand with my wife (Georgina) and two daughters (Sloane 3.5 and Winslow 2). We look forward to making the most of the year, learning and exploring your beautiful country.


Raed Miteb Al-Zaben

Hip and Knee Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Amman, Jordon

“I am extremely honoured and grateful to join the UBC Orthopedics Reconstruction Fellowship Program. I have faith that the program has the ability to shape me into the best orthopaedic reconstruction surgeon due to the inspiring and supportive staff. Living in a city like Vancouver with gorgeous natural beauty will undoubtedly engender a significant amount of growth in both my personal and professional life”

Maria Bautista

Hip and Knee Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

“I am very honoured to have been selected to join this well renowned group as a fellow. It has been an enriching experience, and I feel very fortunate to be learning from amazing surgeons and sharing this opportunity with other colleagues from around the world. I hope this training gives me the tools and skills to provide better care for my patients back home.”

Tyson Boettcher

Hip and Knee Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

“It is an honour to be joining the UBC adult lower extremity reconstruction group as a fellow! I am excited for the opportunity to train with and learn from a group of extremely experienced and collegial arthroplasty surgeons back in British Columbia, my home province. The reputation of the program, from the surgical experience to the work environment that I experienced as a resident on elective, has me eager to beginning this next adventure in my career!”

Bas Fransen

Hip and Knee Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Utrecht, Netherlands

“Having finished my residency at home in the Netherlands, I am very excited to start my orthopaedic career with this fellowship. I am really glad to be back in Vancouver after a research internship at ICORD 11 years ago as part of my medical studies. I look forward to learning as much as possible about joint reconstruction from a globally renowned group of orthopaedic surgeons whilst enjoying the beautiful city and its surroundings once again!”

Gerard Sheridan

Hip and Knee Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Navan, County Meath, Republic of Ireland

“I am thrilled to be in Vancouver as an orthopaedic clinical fellow in adult hip and knee reconstruction at the University of British Columbia. This fellowship is a world-class opportunity to develop a comprehensive surgical skillset in hip and knee reconstruction that will serve my patients for years to come. I look forward to furthering my research experience within this outstanding academic department. Vancouver is a truly beautiful city with so much to offer, and I feel privileged at having the opportunity to live here with my young family.”

Francisco Bengoa

Hip and Knee Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

“I am excited and honoured to join the Adult Reconstruction team this year as a fellow. It is truly a privilege to train under such excellent surgeons, great teachers, and world-renowned leaders in our field. I am looking forward to joining the incredible Department of Orthopaedics at UBC, enjoying working with residents, co-fellows and staff, and living in the beautiful city of Vancouver”


Nizar Algarni

Spine Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“I am extremely grateful to have matched to UBC Spine Fellowship Program and have the chance to be in this beautiful province! I look forward to working with an amazing group of world-known spine surgeons who, I believe, will push me to be the best spine surgeon I could be”

Lukas Grassner

Spine Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Salzburg, Austria

“My name is Lukas, and I am neurosurgeon from Austria. I am extremely grateful to complete my Spine Fellowship with the Vancouver Spine Surgery group. Having the opportunity to learn and operate with the spine staff at VGH is a dream come true for me. I hope my fellowship in Vancouver further nurtures my growth as a surgeon but also pushes my academic knowledge. Lastly, I am excited for diverse opportunities I will have by living in Vancouver.”

Mathieu Laflamme

Spine Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Québec City, Canada

“I consider myself privileged to be part of the combined Neurosurgical and Orthopaedic Spine Fellowship in Vancouver. This program has great mentors who have trained numerous spine surgeons over the years who are now leaders in the field. The surgical exposure is massive across all the spectrums of spine surgery, and I specifically look forward caring for spine oncology patients.”


Charles Bouchard

Trauma Fellow, Royal Columbian Hospital

Hometown: Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

“I am very excited to join the group at the Royal Columbian Hospital for my trauma fellowship. The clinical experience I expect to gain from here was the crux for my choice to pursue a fellowship with this group. The surgeons are a great group of individuals who promote independence and teaching. My experience during this fellowship will truly prove an asset for my future endeavors.”

Lynn Hutchings

Trauma Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: United Kingdom

“I have been looking forward to coming to Vancouver for a number of years, and I am extremely grateful to have finally made it here! Having trained in a number of major trauma centres in the UK, I am keen to learn the Vancouver approach to orthopaedic trauma care and to increase my knowledge and skills in such an internationally-renowned unit. I’m also excited to take the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery of British Columbia during my time here.”

Scott Kim

Trauma Fellow, Royal Columbian Hospital

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario, Canada

“I am very excited to start my UBC Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship and join the excellent team at Royal Columbian Hospital. I look forward to expanding my clinical skills, knowledge and proficiency in the treatment of orthopaedic trauma. I also look forward to enjoying and experiencing all that British Columbia has to offer!”

Adam Tucker

Trauma Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland

“I am very excited to undertake a fellowship in orthopaedic trauma at VGH. The hospital, and its attending staff, have a world-renowned reputation for providing the best in evidence-based orthopaedic trauma care. As a UK trainee, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills and gain further experience from the team here in VGH. Of course, Vancouver has so much more to offer than work, and I look forward to experiencing what the city and the beautiful surroundings in BC have to offer, not only for myself, but my wife and daughter. I am very lucky to have this opportunity, and I look forward to making new friends and colleagues during my time.”

Mark Xu

Trauma Fellow, Vancouver General Hospital

Hometown: Canada

“I’m honoured to be joining the UBC Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship Program at VGH! The fellowship offers a strong clinical, surgical and research program with exposure to a diverse range of complex traumatic pathology. I’m looking forward to learning from the distinguished faculty, working with everyone at UBC, and improving my skills from all aspects in this field!”

The UBC Department of Orthopaedics offers training in the UBC MD Undergraduate Program, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons accredited Residency Program, a number of sub-specialty Clinical Fellowships, as well as Continuing Professional Development opportunities. Learn more about our educational opportunities.

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