Spotlight on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

EDI Working Group

An equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) working group was established in 2021 to provide leadership across the UBC Department of Orthopaedics in the areas of anti-racism and anti-discrimination for all.

Discover the purpose of the group and what you, as a member of the department, can do HERE.

You’ll also learn how the co-heads—Dr. Bonita (Bonnie) Sawatzky, Dr. Andrea (Andie) Veljkovic, and Dr. Tymothy Frank—came to be involved in the EDI Working Group.

In July 2022, we are introducing the EDI Spotlight series featuring different perspectives on EDI within the department.

CONTACT US: Do you have questions or want to get involved, send us an email.

EDI Spotlight Series

EDI Spotlight Requests

If you are interested in being featured in our department EDI spotlight series, or if you wish to nominate a colleague, please send an email to: